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About Me

My Qualifications

I am fully qualified and insured to offer the public professional Massage treatments. I have been a massage client myself since the 90s. I completed my first NO HANDS massage course in 2006. I have been a NO HANDS Master Therapist since 2009. I am actually also qualified in Traditional Thai massage, Swedish massage, LaStone therapy and Reiki, although nowadays I find NO HANDS involves all my focus and attention.

Hand massageMy Interests

I am deeply involved in the world of therapeutic touch and (not surprisingly) NO HANDS Massage in particular, which I have found to be exceptionally powerful and indeed life-changing.  I do “walk the talk” of Massage therapy and get regular monthly treatments myself. I believe that massage is a direct path to well-being, and can be used to address very many blocks and tensions which get in the way of a natural balance, ease, fluidity, and joy. How this works is still something of a mystery to me, that it works is demonstrated by clients day in day out.

My Philosophy

I happen to believe that regular massage is a really good ingredient in a healthy, happy and successful life. That is why I am a regular client as well as a busy practitioner – and why I continue to deepen my understanding through the NO HANDS Mastery program.  To encourage you to experience the power of NO HANDS, I have what I hope is an appealing introductory offer which means you can book one or a series of treatments very cheaply – just ring to ask me for details.

My location has changed

I have been living and working in mid-Cheshire but am now based on the north coast of  Cornwall, in Trevone near Padstow. My massage space is still a Mongolian yurt tucked away in the corner of a rather small garden, which is welcoming, warm and a wonderfully atmospheric place to receive (and indeed to give) massage. Clients have described it as an oasis, a haven, even a womb! There is a feeling of being closely connected to the natural world outside (trees, birdsong, the wind – quite a lot of that in Cornwall!) while remaining extremely cosy on the inside.

I also see it as a sanctuary, a place set apart where you can find peace, stillness, a renewal of energy, a deep sense of connection, an openness to the full spectrum of the present moment, to take back into the world, to share with others in your life.

It’s a precious gift.

And the ripples expand outwards.