Client testimonials


Here is a selection of comments from (real!) clients over time. I have many more that I could include. Obviously these are personal responses, and originally in a broader context. I hope they help, and inspire.

“re-aligned, re-balanced”                            “So very relaxing, totally unwind”

“I am still feeling amazing, thank you so much for a totally blissful experience”

“Deep release of tension”           “stretched, opened out”

“cathartic and very powerful”                    “a sublime sense of wholeness”

“lovely, really lovely”       “Like going to the gym – without going to the gym!”

“I’ve learnt to let go into the luxury of simply being in the peaceful, welcoming space of the yurt”

“as I allow myself to simply luxuriate in the experience, I can then sense the balance and alignment of the body, the release of physical tensions and the corresponding effects on the energetic balance of the body”

“Each session has become a visit to a holy place. I know you may think me a little over zealous, but I’m not, I say it as I see it, and this is what I have consistently seen and felt.”

The best gift you are ever going to give some-one – the permission to feel safe in their own skin. To feel worthy. To feel like they are enough.

“massage for the soul”