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I have structured my pricing to reflect the value of what I do, my commitment to client care, the training I have received over the past 10 years, the time I allocate to each client. I generally book clients at two hour intervals. This doesn’t mean that the session often lasts as long as that, it does mean that the session lasts just as long as it needs to, for the client to feel a completion, getting what they want from the session. I do not “clock watch”. There is time at the start for a proper conversation about what the client wants, and what kind of massage they choose on that particular occasion. There is always time at the end for the client to integrate the touch and ease gently back into the ‘real’ world. So:-

A single session                                                          £60

A regular massage arrangement                             £50

For new clients, the initial session is discounted.

I also offer an initial package of 4 sessions for £140.

I may offer discounts for students, the unemployed, and others who are hard-pressed. Be bold, ask me.

I also provide massage vouchers for individuals and for special occasions.